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Anacua Common Name: Anacua Ehretia anacua Tree Size: Medium Leaf Type: Evergreen Comments: Drought-tolerant native with gnarled trunk and sandpapery leaves.

The following is a list of widely known trees and shrubs. Taxonomic families for the following trees and shrubs are listed in alphabetical order, likewise the …

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Pictures of Trees Library, images & pics for tree identification by tree type, Photo Gallery lists Apple Tree to Willow Trees, each with tree facts, info, references

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Search for trees by size, leaf color, bloom color, wildlife attractors and more!

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Tree Types, List of Common and Scientific Names of Different Types of Trees

Return to main Tree Selection index; 680 Tree Fact Sheets. By: Scientific Name | ; Common Name | ; Plant Family; Trees by Common Name. Adobe Reader is needed to view .pdf documents.

Guide to the flora of Crete, including wild flowers, trees and shrubs, rare and endangered plants, Red Data Book species and plant locations

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The name Diospyros in context means more or less “Divine Fruit” or “Divine Food” and is an apt description for the wonderful persimmon. Persimmons are one of the most widely planted fruits in the world (the majority of the acreage is is Asia) and are a member of the Ebony family (known for their hard wood: persimmon was used for golf club heads).

List of Trees by common name, Alphabetical A-Z of Tree species with other botanical names in a searchable list.

Diospyros is a genus of over 700 species of deciduous and evergreen trees and shrubs.The majority are native to the tropics, with only a few species extending into temperate regions.

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