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Here is a section of a transcript of an interview Derek Jeter did with Bryant Gumbel, set to air on HBO Real Sports on Tuesday, courtesy of the Miami Herald.

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Alex Rodriguez was in NYC doing dinner with Jennifer Lopez while most of his old Yankees teammates were at Yankee Stadium honoring Derek Jeter. A-Rod and J Lo stepped out Sunday evening heading to Nobu. They were dressed to the nines, but make no mistake this is a bad look for Alex. Yankee

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Fans are not happy about the Yankees having names on the back of their jerseys.

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Brandon Belt suggests umpire made bad call on purpose to try ‘to get the game over with’ Peut-on tout jeter dans le “tout-à-l’égout” ? 2 D’une façon générale, peut-on tout mettre dans un système d’assainissement ?

Baseball Almanac presents an unprecedented collection of Derek Jeter quotes both from and about Derek Jeter.

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